Braeside Chicken Hotel

Boarding for your Hens

If it is not convenient to give someone access to your home whilst you are away, or you need to arrange hen-sitting urgently or at short-notice, then why not board your chickens with us to have a holiday of their own? They will be well cared for 24/7 and will stay within a heated house and run that will be cleaned and disinfected daily and a deep clean between "guests". Hens are welcome! but sorry no Cockerels.


Our prices, which are fully inclusive of layers pellets, should you want your hens to be fed on alternative feed then you will need to supply this.

£7.00p per day up to four Hens per house, then 50p extra per extra hen.

The minimum boarding charge is £25 to cover cleaning of the housing and bedding ect. Arrival and departure days will be charged at full daily rate, regardless of drop-off/collection times.

Tel:- 01702 230328